Monday, 2 May 2011

Moments When Truth Being Known

This past few day i am quite down because i figure out somethings which i not suppose to know but then i take it positive this time. Time wont be turn back anymore and things have gone mean gone dy. The only things i am going to do now is wish her happy always with her lovely one and for me myself i will be fight back for myself as usual. Two more week before my exam and then i will be officially gradurate. Seeking jobs back home or stay in United Kingdom? This is the things i am thought of now.Back to home it's good coz i can near to my family but then in the sametime i did worry i will....not to mention it here anymore...haha!Anyway,i hope by that time i will got an answer for myself.
After my exam,i will straight back to my part time jobs which i can consider as full time sometimes...haha!Too much things have to do in my work.Sometime i did get the pressure from the boss when someone under me was not doing the things properly. But then this is part of the work and i take everythings as my responsible even it's not my professional jobs in the future.This is part of my learning to be a leadership skills. Earning earning and then when my parents come in July,i hope i can bring them to Europe using my own earning money coz it really mean a lot to me. I hope i can repay my parents with all my hardwork.
Till here i stop and before i go,let me show u guys some picture that is what i eat for my dinner today. That's Singapore Laksa and it's taste very nice. It fill my up very well.haha!

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