Saturday, 30 January 2010

Missing Something!

I miss the way you used to call me
I miss the way you used to sms me
I miss the way you used to talk to me
I miss the way you used to smile to me
I miss the way you used to say love love me and i say i love you too
I miss the first time and the first day we being together
I miss the place we used to go
I miss the every moments we used to have
I miss the time we going to have green tea
I miss everythings that is related to you!

I wish to go back the time we used to be together.But i know the reality is time won't turn back and i won't take back the word i say it out!I have try it out for more than one time and things does not work well for me.I try my best to be more understanding girls need even i failed for this time,i hope the remaining of time i will be more more clever as in sense!The unfinished jobs i will let it to other guys to do it 100 times more better than me!Wish her happy together with her 'mr right'!

Hey,all my fren.I am just emoing now.Dun worry i am getting better and better.Thanks you to everyone of you,you and you again!Without all your support i dun think i will be able to stand out!I won't forget how you chear me up!how you motivate me!how u make me get back my smile!and not to forget one person 'you' to nugde me in msn nearly everyday to ask me how am i!Thanks alot!haha!

By the way,it's time for me to go sleep.Tomorrow will be another day for me.Hope it going to be a busy day for me again ...Swimming,watching football and finishing my works that need to be hand in!Wish me luck!Nowadays sleep used to be my only way not to thinks..haha!Anyway,good night everybody!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Life is a journey.There is many obstacles we nd to go through.I have expected it since the day i landed here but the only tis is i dun expect tis to be so worst!Maybe ppl only wil grow out after go through it!I wish and i hope the rest of the journey not going to be a tough one coz i really have enough suffering it! is snowing outside..not too heavy i's nearly 7 in the morning!Few more hours b4 exam!If there is a chance,i wil upload more pic in my facebook!Currently england is snowing everywhere..i guess anyone not been here b4 would like to see it.As i am say it's nice to see it but then sometime it's hard to withstand the cold weather too!Imageine u walk out under the snow and freezing outside,somemore u are walking alone back from uni!Tis is not the nice feelings after all..not one could actually understand it!Watever bah..i guess tis going to be my last last year here!Time wait for nobody!Look it back it's coming to be 3rd year here!Tis is the place i go through everythings since the day i landed and at the very 1st place tot the one i love would actually come here wif me and going everythings wif me!used to dream one day can go everywhere in europe wif someone u love!but i know at tis stage tis not gonna to be happen anymore!maybe it's just a dream bah!Anyway,just forget about it!Time to back to study then!If there is a chance,more pic on facebook ya!