Sunday, 27 June 2010

Updated again

Hey everyone!I have been away from msn and even check my facebook or updated it! Life is much more better compare to the last time i updated my status!This time around i spend my time more wisely and i by staying away from facebook and msn it do really make myself feel more better!At least i tell myself i got no chance and i won't wait for somethings that i know that not going to be happen!All the past it really learn alot from the person not really understand people feelings to someone that really can work more independenly in the future!

For everyone information,i won't be like last time to sign in for msn or maybe even facebook for very often like in the pass!maybe once a while in the weekend i will be on my msn if i get myself free!Hope to chat with everyone of u again!And again thanks for everyone concern to me like in the pass!ohya!I am not longer active in my previous number anymore!I got myself a new number dy but then to be honest to you i dun remember my number at all!The main reason is because i very very rarely keep the phone with me all these while!haha!Maybe once a while i will check anyone who is calling me!Sorry and sorry for some of my closed fren maybe u did call me but the i din manage to answer it!

Last but not the least,i will stay in the uk again for the next 12 months!See everyone of u again in the future!Message me in the facebook in case u really look for me!I promise i will reply once i read it!Time flies this is the 11 months since the last the last time it happen!Stay strong and i will fight for myself for the rest!Thanks for everyone support!Love everyone of you!

p/s:The missing only will last in the heart but the reality and the fact will never change!Fight for urself and hope tomorrow will be even more better than today!