Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Time to back to reality

Once again it nearly reach the end of the months and again it come to the 25th of feb.Remind me 3 years ago.The love story beginning here and everything was seem so prefect that time until i thought this will be last forever.But then things was not go so smootly after that.As far i know i am not guys that can give everythings you wanted,i have ever tried but then most of the time i failed to make you feel happy and satisfied.I hate being myself too sometimes.Hate my attitude hate my used to be busy in the pass hate to being not as a goof boyfried and lastly hate being myself for giving empty promise.

I was getting better beginning of the year but then in the last 2 weeks my mood getting worst and worst.I hardly can put my heart in doing one things.I don't like this kind of feelings but then i still have to accept it sometime.Maybe on of the reason is because valentine day fall in february and the one of the most important date is...!I dun feel like going to mention here.In the pass i know even distance keep us apart but then heart make us feel we are not far from each others.But then since the time we break up onwards,i know the following time going to be will be totally different.All these while i am scare to faced it.Few week before this i already feel the scare of the day to come.But then when the time pass 12,i know the date i ever dun wish to come already reach it.I really feel sad and i know 3 years ago and 3 years after things is totally different already.The first things obviously different is you does not love me anymore and you does not care anymore.I have been accepting all these while.

Again i take out my braveness to read all the message we used to send each other in the pass from the 1st day we meet until the day we break,i make a decision to delete it every single as well.Even i delete it but then all the contain still always remind in my heart and minds.Combination of these feelings come to my heart.I feel sad to let you go but then i think these might be the best option for you because you might be can find someone who can give you the best unlike me.Read it back see all the cuteness you having when you sms with me make me feel great coz at least i have you as before in my life.I wonld have not asking anythings more than that.Thanks god for having you in the pass.maybe it can't go as long as i wish but then i feel very satisfied.Having you to lighten my hope,my life,my dreams and everthings.This is the best present from the god to me because all these will become my memories forever!

Lastly,i hope things will be turning good for me after this.No more sad and more tears too.Would i be able to make it?I do really hope so!As for her,wish her all the best in the study back to melbourne and hope she can get someone to take care of her well there in the sametime too!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Miss you my family!

Daddy,i really really miss you now!I know i never tell you that before.It's because i am just too shy.hehe!Daddy,why you treat me so good?To be honest,i don't think you ever say no to me if i did ask somethings from you!You give me everthings to the best!Even study as well,u wil give me the best!I am just too glad to have daddy like you.Cannot wait to go home and just with you daddy!

To my mum,i know even u talk alot to me everytime when u call me,but then i know this is style for you to caring me bah.Sorry mum if you ever say to me and you think i dun listen to you!I did listen to you but then sometime you keep on saying me this and that!hehe!But then end of the day i still love you too!

To my dearest brother,i just wonder why u seldom talk to me?And only when i talk to you then you talk to me!I start to hate you know!For me you are my lovely brother!You are just too smart if compare to me!You are our proud!If you set your mind in doing somethings,you will definitely do it nearly prefect!haha!But then for me it was just like 50-50 if u ask me to do it!But then i still miss you as well!Study hard for this year ok?I know all of you might not be able to see these but then i just want to let you all know i miss everyone of you!If there is a chance in the future,i wil definitely upload my family picture!I know everyone of you ask how my mum and my dad look like!Take care everyone and time to go now!

Monday, 1 February 2010

Man United Vs Aston Villa 2008-2009 season in Old Trafford

Hi,everyone!Here are some picture that going to share with you all.This was the match between Man United and Aston villa in Old Trafford held in sometime April last year.The match end up with 3-2 to man united.Thanks for the last minute goals from Macheda.Here are the some of the picture we taken after and before the match.Hope you enjoy reading this.Thanks!