Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Months with special events

Time flies so fast and it almost come to the end of february which mean march is coming up and more work need to be done by the end of march!Headache when i thought of it.In this months there are two special events to celebrate which is first of all Chinese New Year and then follow by the Valentine Day but unfortunately i celebrate none of them. Most of the times i spend is work and sleep maybe not to forget movies alone at home as well!Maybe i know i am quite pity but then this is how the time pass so quick.haha!

Let me think back how i did i celebrate my new year. If i not mistaken i celebrate my new year with working and earning money. The reason is on new year itself the place i work is slight to be busy than usual so i am required to work but then it's good in the same time at least i dun feel lonely at home.haha!As in valentine day,most of the people will spend their time out for date or maybe dinner but then me myself spending time in uni rushing up some work till late at midnight. This is the reason for the people dun have valentine maybe...

As in my life,i am doing quite alright coz the reason is i got not much time others than assigments,work and shopping too when i am free!Shopping is my favourite coz it help u to release the stress!Having too much at the moments when think of alot of assigements due date.But then i know that is life nothing come so easy. Start counting down again it's 1 years 6 months and 28 days since the last time it happen. Think back the memory i am having,at least i am still feel glad for having it even it's not too long. Sometime i just know that love is fate and everythings have been happen could not be turn back anymore. I know i used to blame myself for doing it but then the decision have been made and things that happen could not be changing anymore. The fact is always the fact. Accepting it and make urself dun repeat the samethings is the things we could do. Maybe if i dun come to UK, i wont be so independant like what i am today. Would you believe that i am doing cleaning jobs as in my house and my room and also i need to be more responsible in my work. It's coz when you are staying alone you need to plan everythings for yourself including your daily routine. I am still glad for what i am doing now but i am also sad for what i am losing forever. Life is like that and it never be so prefect.

Till this point i feel like myself alittle bit down.I would better stop here and finally for those friend which i never wish you happy new year,i would like to wish u here and all the best everyone!Miss everyone in malaysia and hope to see u guys soon!When is the next time i am going back?Answer is i dunno...haha!