Tuesday, 9 November 2010

November Come Again

November Come Again
Time flies and the first week of november have passed just like that which mean more more stress going to be come very soon. Ok,let forget about all the stress part 1st but then the happy things is my birthday coming in 2 week times. Am i going to have any celebration?I dunno coz it's all depends on everythings regarding my progress hopefully everythings will be doing alright by that time.

Out of sudden,my mind come out alot alot of things. I miss my life in subang and mostly my first year uni time really alot! Even though it's an intensive 9 months course for me to finish my studies and after that come to uk to continue my second year but then there is too much things for me to remember. Think back alot of sweet part and happiness,do i make a right decision at the very first place?The answer is i myself will know more than everybody. Maybe maybe at these moments i do feel regret but then i hope by time go by i can achieve the things i want in my life.

OK,let me stop emoing here!haha!Time to go to sleep dy and i will fight again as usual!NEVER GIVE UP!THIS IS AN ORDER!

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