Sunday, 9 May 2010

Tiring Life

It's never easy to get back when you fall down!Sometimes i do hope to work very hard and fight for somethings!but then i know i am not going to be like in the pass!I won't do the things until it's very last or the submission date nearly come!The reason is i dun have that kind of motivation!I know my daddy and mummy will be very upset if he see his son like this!Sorry dad and mummy,i did try my very best to stand up but then i always failed!

It's 3 in the midnight!nearly get to 4'o clock!I am still awake here to do my revision and what i am found out is i got too much things dun understand so well!If i am going to pass,i will be more than satisfy!I know last time i used to set myself at least average 70 percent for each subject but then now as long as i can get pass,i will satisfy enough dy!Sometime i did ask myself why i can become like this?can i go back to like last time with high motivation but then i can't get any answer for myself!At this moments,i dunno what is my aims anymore!I got no target at all!I hate this kinds of feelings but then who can understand the feelings!

At this point, i got no idea weather i am going to pass my year or not!or maybe i should say will i get a degree by the end of the day?I dunno and i not dare to think because i know this year my results going to screw me up a lot and which this is the most important year for me.But then i prepare for the worst!In case by the end of the day i got nothings and walk out from the uni, please do take of me in the future.

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